About Green Ship Technologies

GREEN SHIP TECHNOLOGIES is a Marine, Offshore & Industrial service provider established in 2009. We are based in Navi Mumbai – India and progressing to various parts of the world. Our experienced team consists exclusively of Naval Architects; Marine engineers, Master Mariners, Technicians, Electrical / Mechanical Engineers and Computer Engineers who are well qualified with good experience in major Shipyards, Ship design offices, Marine operations, Offshore Engineering, NDT services. Electrical / Mechanical engineering fields and Software Development Fields.

  • Design Engineering Services Detailed Engineering Marine Engineering Offshore Engineering
  • Marine Softwares Ecoloadmaster – Ship Loading Instrument
  • NDT Inspections
  • Marine Surveys
  • Retrofit Installations Ballast Water management systems Scrubber Systems

GREEN SHIP TECHNOLOGIES reliable services are as detailed below. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients across the world. Our engineers have successfully co-operated with clients from India as well as Middle east, Far east and European countries. Our engineering capabilities include basic design and detailed analysis of ship structures/ jack up rigs/ barges, hell decks and crane foundation etc. Our experienced team in Finite Element Analysis, Stability Analysis and Statutory requirements supports all projects and works closely with other disciplines to offer best quality designs to customers. Our Software Team is well experienced in various marine and industrial sectors. Our NDT team is well experienced in marine, offshore and industrial field.

Our aim is to provide services with high measurements on quality customer satisfaction.

About Green Ship Technologies

Established in 2009, Green Ship Technologies is a leading Marine, Offshore, and Industrial service provider based in Navi Mumbai, India. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and sustainability, we have expanded our operations globally, serving clients across India, the Middle East, Far East, and European countries.

Our Aim

At Green Ship Technologies, our aim is to provide innovative solutions and services that exceed industry standards. We strive to optimize efficiency, enhance safety, and promote sustainability in the marine, offshore, and industrial sectors through our expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Our Team

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals, including Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Master Mariners, Technicians, Electrical/Mechanical Engineers, and Computer Engineers. With extensive experience across major shipyards, ship design offices, marine operations, offshore engineering, NDT services, electrical and mechanical engineering fields, and software development, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.